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DESULF- Gas desulfurization by steel industry side streams

​ZnO pellets are used as sulphur adsorbents for synthesis gas from biomass gasification, coking gas from steel production and biogas. Due to the high price of adsorbing pellets based on primary ZnO powders, e.g., the gasification process is not always economically viable. Simultaneously, large amounts of Zn-containing side streams are generated in steel industry, with poor profitability of recycling. In the worst case, the side streams are disposed as hazardous waste, which is very costly. Read more about project…

Solutions to be brought to the market

  • Close the Zn loop in steel manufacturing processes
  • Establish a value chain for the utilisation of Zn-containing steel industry side streams in a high-end application and enable new business through the Circular Economy approach.​
  • The new product: H2S adsorbent material based on ZnO rich dust
    • ZnO rich dust modified and pelletized to optimize adsorption capacity, then up-scaled from pilot-scale to industrial scale

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